Paleo Recipe Book Waterstones

The horse should eat between 1% and 2% of their body weight per day in the hay and other fodder plants. Use a tape measure to the horses developed, in order to determine its weight. paleo recipe book waterstones Hay is an important part of the diet, when the horse is not good grazing. The type of hay to feed your horse may depend on local availability. Pastures common Timothy Hay, Orchard grass and Brome, Bermuda side, including the last two in the South of the United States are found. The Hays may be mixed with alfalfa, a legume rich in protein and calcium. You can give your horse straight alfalfa, but beware of the power of free choice, as in other Hays. In the West of the United States, horses, the alfalfa is often offer compared to other types of food, .